Lost your cable channels to the digital switch over? FREE your TV from the cable company!

Free TV DC, provided by DC Access, offers a high definition digital picture (HDTV) and over 20 broadcast channels with no monthly service charge. Using a digital outdoor antenna, Free TV DC brings digital clarity to every television in your home. If you don’t have cable or satellite, Free TV DC increases the number of channels you receive without having to get cable or satellite.  Free TV DC also offers more channels than basic cable.

What are the advantages to Free TV DC?

There are no monthly payments. For a one-time installation fee, you get HD network channels (NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS), and more broadcast channels with better quality. See the channels page for a list of available channels.

Why would I want it?

If you do not watch a lot of TV but want to have a modest selection available when you do, Free TV DC is perfect for you. Most important television events are broadcast on the network stations, and these are now available in high definition.

What channels would I get?

See the channels page for a full listing.